18k yellow gold with opal and diamond<span>$1895</span>
14 white gold<span>$395 - 0.15ct diamond</span>
14k yellow gold geometric<span>$350 - 0.12ct diamond</span>
14k yellow gold with tourmaline<span>$595 - 5.41ct</span>
14k white gold with opal<span>$375</span>
14k white gold with blue zircon<span>$575 - 3.20ct</span>
14k yellow gold with pearl<span>$395 - 10mm pearl</span>
14k white gold with diamond<span>$3495 - 0.70 E color VS2 clarity</span>
18k yellow gold and platinum, pink tourmaline and diamond<span>$3975 - 5.41ct tourmaline</span>
14k white gold oval opal<span>$395</span>
14k yellow gold with opal and diamonds<span>$1395</span>
14k white gold with blue topaz<span>$695 - 6.83ct</span>
14k yellow gold with opal and ruby<span>$995 - 0.40ct ruby</span>
14k white gold with tourmaline with diamond<span>$395</span>
14k white gold heart with diamonds<span>$1245</span>
14k yellow, rose, and white gold<span>$595</span>
14k yellow gold with topaz and diamond<span>$1495</span>
18k yellow gold with tourmaline and diamonds<span>$3495 - 4.87ct tourmaline</span>
14k white and yellow gold<span>$495 - 4.56ct pink tourmaline</span>
14k white gold with opal<span>$1195</span>