River Jewelry offers a full line of traditional birthstone earrings, pendants, and rings that make wonderful personalized gifts for family members. Select from our extensive inventory of loose, handpicked gemstones. All of our stones are natural — we carry no synthetics. Most stones can be set in a traditional mounting within 24 hours, often in the same day.

Birthstones by Month


Garnet — Ranging in color from red to golden orange brown to deep reddish purples. A higher priced variety is tsavorite (green).


Amethyst — A variety of quartz. Light to dark royal purple.


Aquamarine — A pale bright blue stone. A recent find in Africa has yielded darker blue stones.


Diamond — River Jewelry has a full line of diamond earrings and pendants already set at competitive prices. Or choose a stone from our inventory of ideal cut diamonds. We have many beautiful, affordable stones, some with GIA or AGS certificates.


Emerald — A variety of beryl. No other gemstone can match the intense beautiful green of an emerald. Natural emeralds contain inclusions referred to as “jardin” (garden).


Alexandrite — A variety of chrysoberyl that changes color depending on the light spectrum, from violet to green. Rare and quite expensive. Pearls are often used as an alternate for June.


Ruby — A variety of corundum (aluminum oxide) with color imparted by trace elements. Durable. Ranges in color from hot pink to deep red, sometimes with a hint of violet or orange.


Peridot — Pale yellowish green to a medium green with slightly more blue.


Sapphire — Corundum (aluminum oxide) in every color but red, although deep azure blues are considered the most desirable. We also carry, pink, golden, yellow, pastel blue, multicolored, and green sapphires.


Opal — Intensely multicolored silicate. Opal is one of our specialties, and we have many beautiful earrings, pendants and rings with Australian and Ethiopian opal.


Topaz — Most topaz available today ranges in color from sky blue to a strong dark blue. Affordable. We also carry natural yellow, golden brown, and imperial color topazes.


Zircon — A natural stone (having nothing to do with cubic zirconia) mined in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and other locations. Doubly refractive, bright, and pleasing to the eye, deeper blue zircons have a slight greenish tint. We also carry pale blue, brown, green and golden zircons.